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Exploring the Potential of Computer Vision Across Industries

Exploring the Potential of Computer Vision Across Industries

Computer vision technology is transforming the business world with its capability to understand the content of digital images and videos. It enables machines to precisely identify and classify images based on deep learning capabilities. Computer vision can be used across different industry verticals to enhance productivity, efficiency, customer experience, reduce operating costs, minimize defects, and improve security.

Computer vision an application of AI, which is way beyond just seeing and understanding the content of digital images, is playing a significant role in enabling digital transformation across different industry verticals. It is one of the very versatile, fastest-growing trends, based on deep learning models, which is bringing transformational change in our everyday lives.

Computer vision captures, processes, analyzes and understands digital images and videos. It allows computers and other machines to see, and recognize as the human eye and generates actionable insights as per designed algorithms. It addresses unique business challenges and improves business performance through image processing and enhancement, Image classification, object detection, feature and pattern recognition, 3D image reconstruction and video analytics.

Let us check out some of the applications of computer vision in different industries.

Computer Vision in Automotive

Right from the assembly line and vehicle manufacturing process to vehicles on streets, computer vision is proving its acceptance and presence by making driving safer every day.

ADAS Applications: Applications of computer vision in ADAS are prominent. Computer vision through vision-based ADAS (Camera-based), RADAR, and LIDAR technologies are paving the way for automotive companies towards fully automated self-driving cars. Different systems inside a car perform different tasks like camera-based ADAS provides visual representation, Radar works in case of low visibility, and LIDAR provides a 3D representation of the vehicle’s surroundings with object recognition. However, all these applications of ADAS are possible with computer vision technologies, which together provide a holistic solution in ADAS applications. This allows the driver to have a better awareness of his surroundings while driving, and at the same time have more control.

  • Automotive Gesture Recognition: Automotive gesture recognition with computer vision is the next level in road safety, which is based on deep learning and machine learning capabilities. Gesture recognition technology monitors the driver’s facial, hand gestures (Talking, texting, operating radio, having food and drinks while driving, etc.), and notifies if it differs from the pre-programmed recognizable gestures. Facial expressions like eye blinking, drowsiness, and head movements are recognized with computer vision technologies and send audible or visual alerts to notify the driver.


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