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Top 4 Artificial Intelligence Trends in Manufacturing

Top 4 Artificial Intelligence Trends in Manufacturing

Who imagined that the technology we see only in Sci-Fi movies would become a reality of the manufacturing industries?

Manufacturers have embraced relevant technologies and digitalization for a much better, faster, and efficient manufacturing process. The products we use in our daily lives are manufactured in high-tech smart factories.

As the adoption of smart factories grows exponentially, yet another disruptive technology — Artificial Intelligence (AI) — has caught every manufacturer’s attention.

AI is seeing an incredible adoption rate among all the major manufacturing industries due to the following trends:

1 Cobot Integration 

Manufacturers investing in AI integrated COBOTS have witnessed significant improvement in the overall efficiency (OEE) of the manufacturing process. For instance, the Automotive Industry manufactures, processes, and assembles heavy and hazardous automobile parts and equipment; when laborers are employed to engage with such equipment, the risk of their safety is inevitable; this also may impact the efficiency of the manufacturing process. AI-backed COBOTS Integration makes for an excellent choice; as COBOTS take over the complex and potentially hazardous manufacturing processes, human safety is assured and manufacturing efficiency improves drastically. 

2 Generative Design

Innovation is integral to achieve competitive advantage. Customers look for products with novelty and unique features in addition to the quality of the product. However, the design engineers need not spend days in brainstorming innovative ideas anymore; AI’s Generative Design capability requires the design engineer to only give relevant inputs such as the desired height, weight, dimension, material, a key feature, etc. for the product and he will have a plethora of innovative designs at his disposal. AI’s Generative Design has certainly made product innovation much easier and seamless. 

3 Predictive Maintenance

This is one of the most crucial benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Most manufacturers incur heavy operational costs due to minor glitches in the manufacturing process. Predictive Maintenance is an intelligence forecast of what could go wrong in a production line and enables the manufacturer to take corrective measures before the entire manufacturing process is disturbed. Predictive Maintenance helps in cost reduction and is conducive to a highly efficient manufacturing process. 

4 AI-backed Vision System

Manufacturers have realized that defect detection by Machine Vision that uses a golden template to capture defects is not yielding desired results. AI Vision System is gaining immense popularity among the manufacturers of all the major industries. AI Vision easily captures microscopic defects on the surface and presents the manufacturer with meaningful findings. The accuracy and precision of AI Vision Systems for defect detection is significantly high as compared to the traditional Machine vision. AI Vision Systems certainly plays a crucial role in quality assurance.

Artificial Intelligence is groundbreaking technology. If used in the right way, it will bring multiple benefits to the manufacturers and looking at its increasing adoption rate, in all fairness it seems AI is here to stay; here to disrupt!

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