November 28, 2018

Zero Downtime: How to start out with Predictive Maintenance

The philosophy and your benefits

What would you do if you could look into the future?

If your main concern is to keep your production running, you might answer:

“Predict any upcoming machine breakdown so I can avert it.”

This is the core philosophy of Predictive Maintenance. It is also a central concept of Industry 4.0. Upcoming machine issues are forecasted by looking at their sensor data.

The goal is to schedule proactive maintenance just in time to avert downtime. The learnings can flow into a better prediction and prevention of future issues.

NASA made the first effort in predictive maintenance. Their goal was to avoid faults of the Space Shuttle’s main engine. The concept has been gaining traction in other industries ever since. Early adopters on the forefront apply the concept to wind turbines and jet engines.

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