visual inspection
The Lincode proprietary no-code visual inspection system, LIVIS allows manufacturers to carry out highly efficient and accurate quality visual inspection, enabling manufacturers to produce more effectively at scale. Book a free session with our experts to learn more.
How it works? LIVIS is a visual inspection system suitable for any manufacturing unit. It offers pre-combined datasets for each industry and process, and uses custom proprietary vision models to quickly fine-tune uploaded datasets. LIVIS continuously improves and trains models with relevant datasets, providing high accuracy with less annotated data. The system can be easily integrated into existing factory machines and requires minimal hardware dependencies. With LIVIS, manufacturers can custom-build their own visual inspection AI platform in minutes, making the inspection process smarter and easier.
Off The Shelf Hardware agnostic AI software.
Enables API integration with any factory systems. Can be deployed on premise or via cloud.
Increased Reliability Highly precise and accurate
QC inspection. The false positive rate of our solution is
5/1 M, i.e. 0.0005%
Automation Can easily integerate with any Mechanical Systems like SPM, and Robots for completely autonomous solution
Deployment Deploy your Visual Inspection system within 7 days.
Deploy it across different locations from one central location
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LIVIS combined with the capabilities of AI engine can perform any type and number of visual inspections use cases. Book a demo or contact us to know more.
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