LIVIS is our proprietary AI-based Computer Vision System – a patent pending technology, that is used to identify Surface Defects on various materials such as Plastic, Fabric, Semiconductors and Metal, including metallic reflective surfaces.

The common cases we see in plastic industries are usually classification of left & right parts, identifying scratch on plastic surface (both matt & gloss), dirts, color & discolor identifications, patches, flash, cracks, missing of child parts, short-fills and even any other anomalies are picked up by our AI which gives the user meaningful findings, unlike the conventional golden image inspection system.

There are a number of use cases in various stages of a metal and/or steel manufacturing process that are carried out at various shops spread out in a large campus – Steel Melting Shop (SMS), Raw Material Handling Plant (RMHP) and Hot Rolling Mill (HRM) are where our vision system plays a vital role, providing solutions such as Dimensional Measurement, Optical Character Recognisation, Alignment Analysis, Surface Inspection, Pattern Matching and Barcode Reading.

Lincode has extensive knowledge and experience in working with the textile manufacturing industry where we have been helpful in identifying common defects such as Miss-end, Slub, Float, Miss-pick, Hole, Knot and many more. We are proud to be the pioneers in textile-based visual inspection.


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Steel Manufacturing

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We use computer vision to provide you all the solutions

Visual Inspection

Surface Defect Detection

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Warehouse Automation

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How are we different than others in the market?


Surface Level Detection

Identify any and all kinds of defects on the surface level with precision.

No Controlled Environment

Deployed on existing infrastructure without the need for controlled environment.

Instant Reports

Responsive web application, ensures viewing on any device and accessible anytime instantly

API – Totally Integrated

Entire solution available as API, enables integration with any 3rd party software and hardware an ease

Saves IT Costs

Optimized models helps in reduced computational costs to reduce network load.

On-Prem or Cloud Model

Solution can be deployed as a On-Premise model or can be provided as cloud model
Our Dashboard

We customize the dashboard as per the client’s requirement

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Lincode`s clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work. But we are also the part of the AI/ML community and an annual SMAARC event.