an Artificial Intelligence & Industrial IoT solutions provider catering primarily to manufacturing companies globally.

With our unique architecture and patentable algorithms, we deliver next gen solutions with greater accuracies and at lower costs.

Industry Offerings
Computer Vision
We have a proprietary algorithm called “PREDY” which enhances production efficiencies using an automated, vision-based system. Predy is in an automated inspection tool used in manufacturing lines to detect defects, width of objects, identify the right object.
Predictive Maintenance
Lincode labs' analytics tool help manufacturing companies with predictive maintenance. Using the integrated data from sensors, we can predict the possible down time of machineries in the plant.
Industrial IoT
Predy edge is an iiot product designed for manufacturing companies using a high-end hardware and intelligent software combination. Predy Edge helps manufacturers from connectivity issues & expensive computer systems.
System Integration
We integrate with various software (SAP, CRM), hardware(weighing scale, barcode printers, rfid etc), protocols(OPC), field devices (HMI, PLC, CNC, Controllers) to provide a seamless solution to manufacturers.