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Stop Chasing False Positive

Visual Inspection with Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

The #1 business challenge that manufacturers identify where smart factory solutions can enhance business performance is Quality Management. At Lincode, we help manufacturers identify and eliminate product defects using computer vision and AI.

A powerful solution that can capture surface defects accurately, no matter what the orientation of the product is to be.

The efficiency of the solution must remain unaffected by the lighting, dust, vibration, or any other external factor of the manufacturing facility.

As Traditional Inspection Systems generate high false positives, a solution that captures trained and untrained defects is much needed.

Advanced analytics will enable the factory owners, supervisors, and operators to better manage the productivity and through-put by measuring KPIs.

Lincode Visual Inspection System

The unique smart factory product that enables manufacturers to realize surface defects, measure individual components, and generate real-time data about what’s happening on the production line.







Lincode over Traditional Machine Vision

  • Built in the Factory
  • More Reliability with Next-Gen AI
  • Software Driven, Hardware Enabled
  • Automated Data Training
  • API Integration
  • Real-Time Data Capture

Our Team

Rajesh Iyengar

Founder, CEO

Ritika Nigam

Co-founder, CTO

Eric Malis


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